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  • Cookies, security, tracking and all that...
      Its seems everybody has their online knickers in a twist all over the being traced and tracked all over the internet by evil corporations intent on selling you stuff. Is it really that bad? Look, I have nothing against people wanting to...

    8:18 PM Jan 22nd
  • CES 2013 so far..
      A few things of interest have been announced at CES 2013 so far...   Sony Introduces New Xperia Z Smartphone Based on the initial coverage this might represent Sony finally getting their Mojo back on mobile. It will be quad core with...

    7:50 PM Jan 7th
  • Maths Bug updated
      Maths Bug, our Android app for improving mental maths skills has recently being updated and improved. Latest Android OS support Will now work correctly on the latest handsets and tablet devices. Localised for Chinese Given China is the fastest...

    8:28 PM Jan 6th

Featured Apps

Maths Bug

A cool maths game for young children up to teenagers and adults to train & improve mental maths skills. Downloaded over 35,000 times. Available in English and Chinese.

Eco and Green Dictionary

Free Eco & Green dictionary, 800+ terms, easy to use & informative. Built in quiz and news feeds. Downloaded over 10,000 times.

R and U-Value Calculator

R-Value Calculator - work out wall,ceiling or floor energy efficiency easily

Aykira Internet Solutions

Aykira is an Australian Internet consultancy based in Sydney's Hills district.

We are ideally located for businesses in Sydney's north, west and CBD.

We provide Internet solutions for established businesses, businesses in the start-up phase, and corporate clients with highly specific needs.

Aykira's key mission, is to make the Internet work very hard for your business, thereby assisting you in gaining and keeping, your competitive edge.

We aim to solve your business problems using the Internet through:-

  • The design and implementation of highly customer orientated websites that are appealing, get you noticed, and generate business.
  • Providing technical expertise in complex areas such as Internet security, systems architecture, customer relationship management plus the automation of back-end business processes.

We provide you with solutions that are flexible enough to allow your business to grow. We are mindful that many of our clients will not have a lot of IT expertise so the solutions we present will take this into account.

We do pride ourselves on delivering you exceptional value, so no matter what the size of project we would be delighted to give a no obligations quote.

We believe in building long-term relationships through solving your problem rather then "selling you a solution". 

Please have a look at our services page to see how we could help you.